Special Needs Welcome

We provide opportunities for people in our church and in the broader community who have disabilities to participate in all aspects of life in the church, our community and the world. 

Many families with children and young adults with special needs have found a home at St. James and are involved in all the ministries of the church. 

We hold events throughout the year to raise awareness, build community and have fun. 


This ministry began when a member of St. James, Maria Johnston, who has two children with autism, decided it was time to create space for them and all people with special needs in church. Our priest, Rev. Sarah Quinney, is a music therapist who has vast experience working with individuals of all ages with special needs. 

This ministry helps our community of faith cultivate an environment where all are welcome and can participate in all aspects of our life together.



Annual and Upcoming Events

Easter Worship

This slideshow is our Special Needs Welcome Easter Worship held April 2017. Children gathered with Pastor Sarah as they sang, played instruments, heard the story of Easter and prayed together. All followed by a fun egg hunt and visit from the Easter Bunny.  


Back to School BBQ 2017


In August 2017, we held our first annual Back to School BBQ. We know how the start of a new school year can bring anxiety as it disrupts our routine, especially in the lives of children with special needs. This is why we decided to throw a party and give us something fun to look forward to and celebrate the new year!

Special Christmas Worship


Every Christmas we hold a special service geared towards children and adults with developmental disabilities. Pastor Sarah leads us in the Nativity Story and many songs. Followed by a party and visit from St. Nick! Our ministry is featured in the Episcopal New Service and Sacramento Bee.

Upcoming Events

Valentine's Evening Out


Saturday February 17, 2018


We want to give you an evening to love yourself. We know how demanding life is and how difficult it can be to spend time alone or with a loved one. So plan an evening of self care. Whether that be rest and alone time or a dinner out with your partner, friends or family. Therapists and teachers in special education are volunteering their time to care for your children. Space is limited so RSVP now. 

Please give us detailed information about your child and their needs. Provide us with any special food, drinks, and comforting items. Siblings are welcome but space is limited.