Pastor Sarah Quinney

The Rev. Sarah Quinney is our Priest in Charge. She began her ministry with us June 2017.

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Pastor Sarah was serving as the assistant Rector at Saint John’s Roseville when she was selected to become our priest. She is a graduate of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP), Masters of Divinity, and Florida State University, Bachelor of Music-Music Therapy. Prior to attending CDSP she was a member of Saint Augustine Episcopal Church in Rocklin, where her parents are members. Additionally, she owned a full time music therapy practice working with clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as with adults with aging illnesses. Pastor Sarah is a recognized leader both within the Diocese of Northern California and the wider Episcopal Church. Currently she is a member of the Board of Trustees at CDSP, serves on the CDSP Alumni Council, and is an active leader in Lift Every Voice, an international youth ministry begun by Bishop Michael Curry. In our diocese, she serves on the Commission on Ministry.

Pastor Quinney has wide experience in Christian Education, Youth Ministries, Counseling, and in ministering to diverse age groups.